Chungking Express

Topics: Wong Kar-wai, Chungking Express, Hong Kong Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Chungking Express

If there was a foreign, eccentric, intangible movie to watch it would be Chunking Express. Chungking Express is a serious art film, independently made by Wong Kar Wai. The film shows many different and abstract scenes that let the viewer have a perspective of the picture. Opposed from Hollywood cinema, this film has more of an episodic narrative and a loose chain of cause and effect. The movie has two stories, one before and after. In the end we get to see the three main characters from the second story each briefly appear during the first. Also the protagonist is not well defined with routines and deadlines. Many of the characters deal with an inner psychological issues dealing with troubles in love.

Although there were many techniques I enjoyed throughout the film, voiceovers and freeze frames were the 2 that stood out the most. There were a few scenes when a character would be dealing with a conflict or simply speaking about something that happens and their voiceover would either contradict or help the action. One example was when He Qiwu went out for a jog and in the voiceover, said that he would leave his pager because no one ever tries to contact him anyways. Ironically in the actual scene, he gets a page from the blonde wig lady telling him happy birthday. He Qiwu seemed really happy from that moment on. Things where finally looking up for him. I love the unexpected scenes because it gives me hope for more good news or keeps me interested. And I think that’s what Wong Kar Wai wanted for him audience to see. Though there is darkness and a sense of not knowing what will happen, he brings in a bit of light and content-ness to the film. The freeze frames on the other hand kept me confused. At the moment of watching the film, I really did not get why Wong Kar Wai would put a random freeze frame in a scene. But know that I recall those scenes, such as the intersection where He Qiwu was at his favorite snack spot and meets...
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