Chuck E. Cheese

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Being that I have a one year old son, one of our favorite places to go is Chuck E. Cheeses. We visit Chuck E. Cheese every two weeks. We have such a great time eating pizza and playing games. Even though we both have such a good time I can’t get pass the fact that Chuck E. Cheeses is a very loud place. First, what make Chuck E. Cheeses so loud are the children. They make the place so loud with all there laughter. With the children playing on the different games also makes it louder and just the enjoyment the kids get when they are there makes Chuck E. Cheese very loud. Furthermore, the games also make it a loud place. They have so many different sounds to each one of them. It’s a different sound when you win the game and a different sound when you don’t win the game. There are even games that just play music to grab the kids attention to start playing. They even have a dance session where the kids can actually dance with the mouse. Finally, other things make Chuck E. Cheeses so loud is the associates. They have to take orders, supply food, and fix problems when they occur. They sometimes join in with the children to make their time spent at Chuck E. Cheeses more exciting. Also the parents help make it loud when they join the activities with their kids. In conclusion, Chuck E. Cheeses is a very loud place because of all the children playing. The different games and the different sounds that go along with each game is what make the restaurant loud. Furthermore, with the associates and parents doing their duties to make sure the children have a good time. If you want to have a great time with your kids eating pizza and playing games try taking your kids to the very loud Chuck E. Cheeses.
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