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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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ccording to the Urban Dictionary the term Chubbies is a noun meaning “Radical shorts for men.” According to one of the founder of Chubbies, Tom Montgomery, they are called Chubbies because of “The elastic waistband, of course. It means you can gain some weight and your shorts still fit like a dream.”

Today I will present you with the facts on why these thigh liberating shorts are the most radtacular shorts in the world and how they will help you reach your full potential. But to truly understand Chubbies you first must know the origin of so called “short shorts.”

The Golden Age of short-shorts as I like to call it was the 70’s and the 80’s; where a man's thighs could be free and no one judged him. One of the most well known shorts brand throughout this time period was Ocean Pacific or OP. The brand was founded in 1972 and its apparel, to be more specific, short-shorts took off immediately. This brand was very popular among the bodybuilding and surfing communities. One of the goals of Chubbies Shorts is to bring us back to this glorious age of shorts. Chubbies Shorts is seeking to take men around the world out of the “Capri Ages” of shortswear and get men back to the shorts bodaciousness of the 70s and 80s. Dudes have no reason to hide their legs behind layers and layers of fabric at the expense of functionality and style. The Chubbies lifestyle follows this pursuit. The company was started but 4 Stamford grads who really hate pants, not to mention cargo shorts. They asked themselves Why are shorts now less manly and more thigh-constricting? What's with all the unnecessary cargo pockets? Why are dudes ashamed to show their legs? Then came to the conclusion that it just didn't make sense and afterward decided they had to do something about it. Hence the birth of the Chubbies Revolution. The cofounders always wore rad shorts. They looked back at the days of their dads and grand dads and were in utter admiration of their ridiculous shorts. But then...
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