Chrysalids Reader Response

Topics: Standard deviation, English-language films, Thought Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The Chrysalids Reading Response Chapters 4-6
There are a few patterns that I noticed in the Chrysalids the one that really jumped out at me was the idea of “normal” the entire story is based around the idea of “normal” and gods image. It's repeated all throughout the book, Sophie gets her foot stuck in the rocks she doesn’t want her shoe to be removed because she fears David will think of her having six toes as something abnormal, in Davids house where there are no paintings on the walls instead phrases from the bible about gods divine image and if any one deviates from them they are to be known as Satin spawn, and how civilization is divided, people of gods image live a good life protected from people with deviations who live as out casts in poverty. Than at the end of chapter six we find out from Uncle Axle that there are people living in the south who have a different perspective on gods image. “there's one tribe where both men and women are hairless, and they think that hair is the devils mark. “In one place they don’t think your properly human unless you have webbed fingers and toes.” “if it weren’t that some deviation has turned them all completely black.” After Davids uncle told him this I feel like David started to question the practices of his town. One thing a good reader should be noticing are Davids dreams of the “old people” and that he dreams about our modern society. He mentions the bank being such a colossal building of which he cant image how it was built. And since the book is based around mutation i asked myself why did Mr. Pierie show us that video about the bombing in Hiroshima? Both the book and the video are connected because they're about nuclear effects. I can also connect this book to a boy I knew in kindergarten who had a extra toe, but instead of putting him to shame for it we all thought it was cool. A question that I have about the book is what happened to Sofie and her family? The Inspector said that they had been picked up by a...
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