Topics: John Wyndham, Family, The Chrysalids Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The importance of relationships consists of disagreements, respect, common interests and also their opinions. The Waknuk community all can relate to each other because they all follow the same religion, the “True Image” or the “Nicholas Repentances”. In the Strorm family they all have different opinions, religious views. David and the telepaths all need to stick together because they all share the same secret. In the novel The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, the theme Relationships, relationships are very evident in people’s life’s, it creates the way people communicate, and who they communicate with. In Waknuk people with deviations are not accepted. People who live in Waknuk who have deviations need to contain there deviations in order to contain their relationships with others. When Alan a boy who lives in Waknuk found out about Sophie’s six toes, David got punished by his father for knowing and continuing to see her. Everyone in Waknuk follows the same religion. (The Definition of Man) ‘…and each leg shall be jointed twice and have one foot, and each foot five toes and each toe shall end with a flat nail…’ (13). The relationship between Waknuk and the Fringes is very gruesome, they have very much different opinions. When the Fringes came an invaded Waknuk they came to take props and food because they don’t have as much as them, they are not treated the same. The Waknuk community has difficulty acknowledging people who are different. The Storm family is over powered by Joseph Strorm, David’s father. Joseph has a big impact on their family. Joseph gets extremely angry when people talk about Blasphemy/Deviations. When David said that it would be a lot easier if he had another hand his father freaked, because he thought David was wishing for another hand. This makes David feel not very accepted because of his own abnormal abilities. In the Strorm family Petra is the center of attention, she is the favourite. In the book the Chrysalids David says “I...
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