Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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The importance of progressing mankind’s collective values and morals can be seen from the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Throughout the story, people are interviewed, and different versions of the state of weather arise. Each response differentiates depending on the character’s values. The author uses weather as a motif to show people experiencing guilt, sadness, or carelessness. These emotions are stirred by some because of their hatred towards Santiago and by others because of not stopping the crime for honor. This shows that society has injustices that people overlook and should be determined in preventing it by progressing mankind’s values and morals.

According to Victoria Guzman “It hadn’t rained that day, or during the whole month of February.”Later, the narrator states “A cloudy Tuesday was breaking through.” If rain is associated with gloom, remorse, and evil and the presence of clouds blocking light then it’s appropriate that it hadn’t rained. Victoria did’t feel remorse because she hated Santiago and that prevented her from warning him. This shows the importance of progressing her values because hatred does not justify letting a murder occur. The narrator, however, was overcome with guilt because cloudiness indicates darkness and gloominess. This shows that his ethics progressed because the act of investigating the murder due to guilt proves him trying to set things right.

But the narrator isn’t the only person feeling guilt. Some people recalled “that it was a radiant morning with a sea breeze coming in through the banana groves”. The breeze suggests calmness, a clear mind, which means these people have no doubts. They either don’t care about Santiago, did their best trying to warn Santiago, or believe not stopping the crime was the right thing to do because of honor. The people that believe in not stopping the crime need to progress their ideals because no matter the reason, murder should not be the answer. Their...
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