Chronic Renal Failure: Causes and Management of CRF

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  • Published : February 5, 2011
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Chronic renal failure (CRF) is the progressive loss of kidney function. The kidneys attempt to compensate for renal damage by hyperfiltration (excessive straining of the blood) within the remaining functional nephrons (filtering units that consist of a glomerulus and corresponding tubule). The cause for CRF sometimes can be determined by a detailed medical history, a comprehensive physical examination, and laboratory studies. CRF are common in patients who have multiple myeloma ( cancer that begins in atype of white blood cell called plasma cells ). Doctor has planned for BUSE, blood CNS, Urine CNS, Urine FEME, Sputum CNS, Sputum FEME. Doctor also planned for daily dressing, low salt diet, daily ECG and weight, 4 hourly vital sign and 2 hourly dextrostix. Doctor was ordered for CBD and on IV drip Normal Saline 3 Pints. Patients are also planned for PD. Health educations that are given to the patients is to keep a written list of the medicines that he or she take, the amounts, and when and why he or she take them. Always take the medicine as directed by caregivers. I also encourage the patients to eat a high calorie, low protein diet. Keep a list of items in your kitchen that you can eat on your diet. You may use special cookbooks to help find new recipes. Avoid alcohol- containing drinks these include beer, wine, liquor or other adult drinks. Do an exercise often. It is best to start exercising slowly and do more as you get stronger. Patients are also adviced to stop smoking. Quitting smoke will improve your health and the health around you. Lastly, avoid stress condition. Since it is hard to avoid stress, learn to control it.
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