Chronic Pain

Topics: Nursing, Geriatrics, Nursing home Pages: 3 (560 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Pilot Project: The Chronic Pain Diary

Student: Hetal Patel

Nurs 260

Semester – II

Teacher: Mary McGrory

March 17, 2009

Article evaluation

The nursing journal “Pilot Project: The Chronic Pain Diary” is an assessment of chronic pain in the Nursing home population. The author of this journal is Dr. Kathy K Hager and Dr. Dorothy Brockopp. Dr. Hager is an Assistant Professor of Nursing in Bellarmine University Lansing School of Nursing from Louisville – Kentucky and Dr. Brockopp is an Associated Dean for Academic Affairs in University of Kentucky College of Nursing from Lexington – Kentucky. The author has assessed the chronic pain in nursing home resident fourteen days before and after the use of self report diary. The data findings show that there is significant increase in the pain levels, pain – related nursing entries, need for the schedule and prn medications.

As per American Geriatrics Society, 2002 (pS205), a chronic pain is defined as a painful experience that continues for a longer period of time that may or may not be associated with a recognizable disease process. In nursing home residents, the rate of chronic pain varies from 45% to 83% and it depends on individuals; their mental status, demographic data (gender, age, nationality), and stoicism; the types of questions asked and assessment methods; their willingness to report and reasons to participates. In older adults pain significantly increases with age and conditions that are associated with pain are arthritis, bone and joint disorders, and back problems.

As per Castle and Engberg, 2006 the nursing homes have been identified with high turnover rate which resulted in increased faculties costs, low staffing levels and job satisfaction and overall lower quality of life for residents. Therefore, continuous staff education is important for improvement of pain. Also, increased used of scheduled and as needed medication, and decreased use of expensive...
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