Chronic Migraine Headaches

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Chronic Migraine Headaches

Primary Goal: To inform the audience of the importance behind the education of Chronic

Migraine Headaches, as it pertains to the Symptoms, Diagnosis and current available Treatments.

Thesis Statement: I am a current sufferer of Chronic Migraine Headaches that are due to a

Number of things whether they are in a controlled setting or a non controlled setting. I was

Recently diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that has prevented me from completing some of my

Daily life activities. Things that usually didn’t bother me or somewhat strike a nerve, now for

Some reason does. My goal is to, express as a patient of The Alabama Neurological Institute,

Motivate to all that you can still live while being treated with therapy and daily medication.


In all you’re getting get an understanding. Let’s press forward to the issue at hand. What exactly really gets on your nerves? Does it cringe the very inside of you? When you get to work do you automatically need to go for a break? Maybe someone really tickled your bad side on the way in. Well did you say anything back to the person or did you hold it together inside. Your head is hurting now this is going to be A to be bad one you say to yourself. Your vision is even blurred. You want to scream but will it help. These instances are the basis of what Chronic Migraine Headaches feel like.

You may not feel like this today but let someone say something out of the ordinary way that you could have done better when you have sincerely done your best. This type of situation record stress at an all time level high. This is a situation that can be prevented but unaware as to how. This is a level that can be resolved thru prevention matters. Let’s see exactly what researchers have to say.

I. What causes Chronic Migraine Headaches?

A. Involuntary Stress
B. Brain Tumor
C. Infections
D. Injury to the...
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