Chronic Illness and Sexuality

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Chronic Illness and Sexuality

1.If the patient doesn’t bring up any concerns about their sexuality, why should the doctor bother to ask? a.It is the role of the health care professional to create and maintain a trustworthy environment in which the patient feels comfortable enough to bring up these concerns (Odey, 2009). Doctors and nurses also must realize that sexual health is a large part of every person’s holistic health and must be addressed at some point during the visit, whether the patient brings it up on their own, or if the doctor must do this themselves (Odey, 2009). In addition, if a patient is seeing a specialized doctor for their condition, the doctor may assume that their regular practitioner is covering that area of their health, however this cannot be overlooked. It is imperative that sexual health be discussed in a health care setting, especially with a chronically ill patient, as it is just as important as any other area of health. 2.If the patient is sick with a chronic illness, sexuality should be the least of their worries with so many other issues regarding their health. a.Being sexually active and feeling satisfied with a partner are extremely important parts of life (McInnes, 2003). The patient may need these feelings of affection in order to not feel depressed and lonely within their disease, as it will most likely consume most of their lives (McInnes, 2003). It is usually important for a chronically ill patient to have a sexual outlet to relieve stress and be able to express him or herself with a loved one. Their quality of life is lessened already, so they ought to be able to express themselves sexually if that is what they desire, and they should feel free to approach a health care professional about how to make it happen (McInnes, 2003). 3.Sex would probably be a hassle for someone with a disability or chronic illness and it may cause further embarrassment. a.Sexual intimacy creates a feeling of purpose and desire when one’s...
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