Chronic Disease Essay

Topics: Cancer, Ulcerative colitis, Colon Pages: 2 (971 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Colon Cancer
Chronic disease is an illness. It can be regulated but not cured. It is in most cases a long-lasting medical condition that can have a long-term variation in the body (Prakash, Porwal, & Saxena, 2012). There are many cases of chronic disease around the world but in the United States it is the foremost cause of death. Seven out of 10 deaths amid Americans every year are from chronic diseases. One disease that can be severe, depending on the stage is colon cancer. It is also known as colorectal cancer. It grows in the digestive tract, which ultimately can change into a cancerous polyp. A polyp is a benign growth on the body that sometimes becomes malignant (Prakash, Porwal, & Saxena, 2012). This means it can spread throughout the body. The colon is complete with three parts, the ascending, transverse, and descending also known as the sigmoid colon. It lies within the large intestine and is directly above the rectum. The sigmoid is to help digest, process, and eliminate food. If someone were to get colon cancer it would start in the sigmoid and if it is not treated early, it can result in losing his or her colon (Prakash, Porwal, & Saxena, 2012). There are quite a few risk factors with this disease; the people who have the highest risk to develop colon cancer are 50 or older, the chances increase with age. Gender also plays a big role; they say men have a higher risk than women because they tend to have more occurrences with adenomas or benign tumors in tissue glands. There are also two types of medical conditions that increase chances of acquiring colon cancer; they are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. Another name for them is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. They are set off by long-term inflammation. My boyfriend has ulcerative colitis and a friend has crohn’s disease, they have to get regular checkups every six weeks and an infusion. Otherwise they would be sick and probably develop colon cancer. They also get colonoscopies every so often...
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