Chronic Disease and Outline

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  • Published : March 29, 2012
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Chronic Disease Outline
January 8, 2012
Adriana Batista

I. Introduction
II. Causes and Risk Factors
A. Environmental/Chemical
B. Food
C. Hereditary
III. Diagnosis Information
A. Fecal Occult, Blood Test
B. X-Ray, Mammogram, Colonoscopy
C. Pap Smear
IV. Treatment
A. Surgery
B. Radiation
C. Chemotherapy
V. Prevention
A. Eliminate the use of tobacco products
B. Make better dietary choices
C. Exercise and maintain a healthy weight
VI. Conclusion
I. Introduction
Chronic Diseases continue to plaque many people each year. The number of cases reported continues to rise and the majority of them end in fatality. Most of these diseases are preventable and new treatments have been discovered. While the five year survival rates have risen dramatically since the 1900s and all cancer is not fatal, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. II. Causes and Risk Factors

There are a variety of causes and risk factors for cancer. According to Axia College Reading Chapter 12 page 366 the two major class factors that cause cancer are hereditary risk and acquired environmental risk. Hereditary factors are non-modifiable, but environmental factors are modifiable. There are lifestyle risks which refer to the probability of an individual over their life course, developing and dying from cancer. Relative risk compare an individual known for taking part in certain risk behaviors verse someone who does not participate in these behaviors. III. Diagnosis Information

Because there are many types of cancer, the diagnosis information is done by performing certain test. Certain cancers can be diagnosed by completing less evasive blood test, while other cancers are...
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