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Name ______________________ Date ________________ Lab # ________ Partner _____________________

Purpose: To separate a mixture into its components.
To learn the technique of chromatography.

filter paper2.0 ml of vinegar
Felt marker pensruler
400 ml beaker pencil
10 ml graduated cylinderpaper clip
Water - H2O

Safety: Wear goggles and apron during the entire lab.
Clean up all materials and lab area.

1. Define chromatography:
2. Gather materials for the lab.
3. Mark the filter paper with a pencil line 2.0 cm from the end of the paper. 4. Write the color of the felt marker in pencil at the top of the filter paper. 5. With a felt pen, make a dot on the middle of the pencil line. Let the spot dry. 6. Repeat the process adding more ink to the spot. Try to make it thicker, not wider. 7. Set that filter paper aside.

8. Repeat #2-5 using a new filter paper and another color. 9. Secure the two pieces of filter paper using the paper clip and hang them so they reach the 25-50 ml mark in the DRY 400 ml beaker. 10. Remove the papers from the DRY beaker and set aside.

11. Using the 10 ml graduated cylinder, measure and pour 2.0 ml of vinegar into the 400 ml beaker. 12. Fill the 400 ml beaker with enough water to make a water-vinegar solution to the 25-50 ml mark. 13. Carefully place the two pieces of filter paper in the beaker so the dots are not touching the water-vinegar solution. If they fall into the solution, you will have to start over. 14. Observe the ink spot as the water-vinegar solution moves up the paper. 15. When the solution reaches the paper clip, remove it and mark the end of the solution with a pencil. 16. Let the filter papers dry on a paper towel.

17. Record your observations.
18. Measure and sketch the colors that you observe.

|COLOR of felt marker...
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