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By | Jan. 2011
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In my science fair project I will be using paper chromatography to separate the colors in candy. My research is expected to show me the different colors in a certain type of candy. I want to be able to take a one colored candy and separate the colors that are used to make that one candy color. The main purpose of this research is to be able to successfully use a method of chromatography.

My engineering goal is to develop a chromatography process that will allow me to successfully separate the colors in candy. One criterion for this project is I must successfully be able to separate the colors in candy. Other criteria include being able to separate the colors in several different colored candies and to use the same type of candy for all of my trials.

My research does not involve any human or animal research. The materials I will use in my project include skittles, a coffee filter, a tall glass, water, table salt, a pencil, scissors, a ruler, toothpicks, aluminum foil and an empty 2 liter bottle with a cap. Procedure: Cut the coffee filter paper into a 3 inch by 3 inch (8 cm by 8 cm) square. Draw a line with the pencil about ½ inch from one edge of the paper. Make six dots with the pencil equally spaced along the line, leaving about ¼ inch between the first and last dots and the edge of the paper. Below the line, use the pencil to label each dot for the different colors of candy that you have. For example, Y for yellow, G for green, BU for blue, BR for brown, etc. Next make solutions of the colors in each candy. Take an 8 inch by 4 inch piece of aluminum foil and lay it flat on a table. Place six drops of water spaced evenly along the foil. Place one color of candy on each drop. Wait about a minute for the color to come off the candy and dissolve in the water. Remove and dispose of the candies. Dampen the tip of one of the toothpicks in one of the colored solutions and lightly touch it to the corresponding labeled dot on your coffee filter paper. Use a light...

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