Christopher Columbus Truth Revealed

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Christopher Columbus: The Truth Revealed
By Nikki Stein
Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942”. That is the rhyme American students were taught to remember the discoverer, Christopher Columbus. He did ‘sail the ocean blue’, but he also took part in some malicious deeds. Although Columbus Day is celebrated to honor Columbus for his courageous discoveries, the United States should not be celebrating the overlooked greed and slavery.

Christopher Columbus was a man dedicated to his beliefs, for he wanted to find a new way to reach the Indies. After countless attempts to get support, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand funded the voyage. Columbus’ treacherous journey showed “courage and perseverance” (Document 1). He put the entire crew and his own life on risk just to seek the unfamiliar lands. Christopher Columbus was visualized as a “solitary individual, who challenged the unknown sea” (Document 4). He also played a key role in nationalism. According to Document 3, a group of Italians in New York wanted to honor Columbus with a celebration. Americans are proud to be able to honor such an inspiring man. Christopher Columbus was an audacious man who fully deserves a holiday devoted to his discovery of the Americas.

Columbus Day is focused on celebrating the explorations of the so-called American hero, Christopher Columbus; however, he is hardly a hero. When Columbus landed on the new land, he went searching for gold and wealth to bring back to Spain. Columbus did not find gold, instead he found Indians. The Native Americans “have been on this continent at least 10,000 years” (Document 2), so Columbus is taking undeserving ownership of discovering the Americas. Even though Columbus knew the natives had already inhabited the land he “claimed the island for Spain” (McDougal Littell:World History p553). Christopher Columbus didn’t even care that by claiming the land for Spain he was going to permanently disrupt a civilization. Columbus was so...
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