Christopher Columbus Hero or Tiran

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Americas Pages: 6 (2019 words) Published: May 15, 2011
Christopher Columbus is revered as the conqueror of the new world; but many people have a different view of his accomplishments. People debate on whether Columbus discoveries were self-credited or completely his findings. There are two very different views of Columbus, in one hand there is the Italian explorer who discover the Americas and the New World; in the other hand there is the Columbus, who should have been condemned for bringing slavery, diseases, and death to the indigenous inhabitants of the so-called new World. Many Americans still admire Christopher Columbus because as his story is traditionally though and passed down he discovered America. It has been argued over time that Christopher Columbus was not the hero that he is made out to be. After all, every child learns that he was the one responsible for discovering the Americas. From learning that, people immediately think he was a great man and never examine the subject any deeper. For the people who look deeper into the events that took place, they find themselves are astounded when they find how cruel he really was. As years pass and new generations seek facts in history rather than a mystique, we start finding that sometimes history gets manipulated concealing facts and only disclosing portions of the truth glorifying some characters throughout our history.

As a child the information learned in schools about his life only depicted Columbus as a great explorer and colonizer who discovered the New World. “Christopher Columbus (c. 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) was a navigator, colonizer, and explorer from the Republic of Genoa, in northwestern Italy, whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere.” Christopher Columbus sailed to the west across of the Atlantic searching for a better route to Asia but became famous by finding the Americas instead. In 1476 Columbus almost paid with his life in his first trip to the Atlantic. Columbus was part of a commercial fleet that was attacked by French pirates as they sailed close to the coast of Portugal. The ship Columbus was sailing on was destroyed and he had to find his way to the Portuguese waterside. He decided to settle and in the course of the time he spent there he finally got married. Columbus collaborated in a couple of expeditions to Africa acquiring knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean as it flowed east and west from the Canary Islands. Columbus thought that the earth was in shape of a sphere and many contemporary experts of that time disagreed with him. He set his sights into sailing west across the Atlantic believing that it would be a quicker and safer route to India and china. He devised a plan and lobbied for money and ships in order to start his experimental voyage. His plan was rejected by the Portuguese and Italian when finally still full of skepticism the Spanish funded his expedition. Columbus wasn’t the first European to find the Americas, Vikings had previously settled in North American for a brief time, in Canada around the 11th century. “The politically correct view is that Columbus did not discover America, because people had lived here for thousands of years.” Christopher Columbus’s explorations and voyages however, directly impacted on how people saw the world. His discoveries led to the exposure of the Americas to European colonization. It was a great time for the import and export of animals, plants and cultures, but in the other hand it brought war and death to the indigenous people who did not wanted to be ruled. It also brought to the Americas the beginning of slavery and new deceases and death. When celebrating national holiday for an individual’s achievements, a nation shows its appreciation for that individual’s accomplishments. In the United States Columbus’s Day is a national holiday. But, as we carefully examine Columbus’ voyages and ways of establishment in the New World it should change the country’s...
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