Christopher Columbus Essay

Topics: Mongol Empire, Marco Polo, Age of Discovery Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: October 25, 2012
“The Age of Exploration”

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” (Robert F. Kennedy) In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and like any American icon, Christopher Columbus, conquered feats all his own. Originally set for the West Indies, Columbus unintentionally stumbles upon a “New World,” now known as North America. It is here his true story begins, but what is this story without another paving the way? Well this is it, the unheard and untold story of how the man himself, Christopher Columbus, managed to accomplish all he did. Had it not been for three major historical events, Columbus might never have even embarked on what some may call the most important voyage in American history, including the rise and fall of the Feudal System, a new era of enlightenment, and a series of major nautical advancements.

Starting in 500 A.D. and lasting a solid 1000 years, the Feudal system played a key role in Columbus’ departure almost 500 years later. Originating in China and soon after spreading throughout all of Asia, the Feudal System was a rigid tier system, designed for security. It consisted of four main ranks including, from the top down, the Pope, leader of the Catholic Church, Kings, Lords, and peasants or surfs, consisting of an astounding 90% of the population. Basically what the Feudal system did was it planned out your life from the second you were born. Depending on who your parents were, what you did the rest of your life was predetermined or predestined. There was absolutely no free thinking and under the power of the Church, everything went unquestioned. Peasants lived their lives working to death, providing food and other necessities for the wealthy, in turn for “protection” and hope of eternal life after death, because that’s what the Church said, and the Church is always right, that is until the Crusades rolled around. In the mid-second century, the Crusades began under Pope Urban II (O.I.). What originally started as a cry...
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