Christopher Columbus Biography

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Brent Ramirez
Professor Horn
US History
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At my grade school, we were taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America in a ship called, “the May Flower” with a group of people called, “the Pilgrims”. Apparently, our educators don’t think it’s important to know the truth about the details! There is a huge problem with that. It all goes back to an old saying I’ve heard, which is, “To get to where you are going you must know where you came from” –anonymous. Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first to discover modern day America, because the Vikings had already made their way to North America. He did do other great and significant things to contribute to history though. He greatly impacted the Natives as well as opened the door for westward expansion.

Christopher Columbus’ actual birthdate is unknown but is believed to be somewhere between Aug 25 and October 31 in 1451. He was born in a place called Genoa, which is on the northwest coast of Italy. He is the eldest child to Domenico Colombo and Susanna Fontanarossa. Domenico was a man of many professions. He worked as a wool weaver, gate keeper and also a wine merchant. As for Christopher’s mother, she was a daughter to a man that also was a wool weaver. Two of his brother’s, Bartholomew and Diego, stayed close and working with him on many of his long travels. Christopher stopped attending school and getting any type of education at the age 14. During his young adult years, he attended mass at Convento dos Santos where he met his wife to be. His wife’s name was Felipa Peterstrello Moniz, daughter to 1st governor of Porto Santo. Christopher and his wife moved to the island of Medeira. Then later, the married couple conceived one son, Diego, in 1480. Felipa pasted away sometime in between 1484 or 1485.

His father persuaded and pushed him into getting into business so he began to going on business trips on ships. Christopher’s plans were to find a quicker route to the Indies for trade purposes...
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