Christopher Columbus

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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First, In May 1493 a letter was written by Christopher Columbus. He used this letter to publicize his successful voyage with the advanced publishing technology that was available at the time; it became a sort of best-seller throughout Europe, and because of this Eriksson Leif never got his due credit for discovering the Americas. It holds accounts of the different types of people (Natives) he encountered including at the arrival of the Canary Islands. People have a misunderstanding of Christopher Columbus and make him out to be a saint. Surprisingly enough, the Columbus we are taught by with the child-like books of High School, students are deceived. Christopher Columbus was a “radical” he believed to be bestowed with the power of God, the queen, and the king of Spain. Next, in the year 1495 (Circa) Christopher Columbus sent a Letter to the King and Queen of Spain (Ferdinand and Isabel). Christopher Columbus creates a list of proposals of how Spain can come about in the future. In the article, one of his first propositions was for the areas he came across (Canary Islands) be thoroughly colonized. These were called the island of Espanola, and claims to have seen people in the thousands (later tries to convert them). These islands were massively rich in new consumables such as food used for trade and farming. Extending on colonization plans, this included three to four towns “situated” in convenient places. Columbus’ stressed the existence of gold in the island and how it should be attained and handled. Although, one of the many reasons for the Spanish to be traveling was the search for goods including gold, but truthfully wasn’t the ultimate. It is outstanding how gold is such loved item (metal, in this case) to the Spanish. He also states that each town should have its own currency by smelting and stamping. If a piece of gold is seized without a stamp, then a portion shall be taken and given to the queen and king of Spain. Furthermore, Columbus wanted to set...
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