Christoper Columbus Essay

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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“How did the faith and courage of Christopher Columbus give to mankind a new world?”

For more than a century, Christopher Columbus has been deemed the most famous explorer ever to venture beyond Europe. In the history of men setting sail to discover more, Columbus was the most famous explorers that discovered the Western Hemisphere. Besides being a renowned explorer, many historians would call him a murderer for the savage killings and enslavement of the natives. However, as the old saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words”, Columbus’ actions had “became the sign and symbol of this new age of hope, glory and accomplishment” (Morison 5). It was within his actions that he was able to explore for the better knowledge of mankind and steady faith had excessed him to succeed in discovering the new world we know today.

In Christopher Columbus’ early life, he had been raised to sail many voyages since he was a young boy in Italy. However, no one in his family nor his home country would have thought to see him as the man who discovered the Americas. His initial faith for glory has proven that he conquered his goals and won the ultimate accomplishment. During the 1400s, different parts of Europe had suffered a war with the Moors that ended in 1492 by Queen Isabella of Spain (Morison 153). Columbus had been raised by a good Christian faith to guide him in all his journeys. In fact, in some of Columbus’ journal entries, some of them expressed Columbus’ desire to preach the gospel throughout other nations (Columbus’ Christian Character and Divine Mission). As Columbus was a devoted Christian, he had not only sought to search for glory, but to educate people from other nations with no religion. However, Columbus was still able to explore and discover due to his strong faith to conquer. It is also that with his strong faith that he had gained favor from Queen Isabella of Spain for his voyage to discover a shorter route to Asia (Christopher Columbus...
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