Christology and Theology Proper

Topics: God, Omnipotence, Jesus Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: May 27, 2013
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Multiple Choice 1:
1.) The Incarnation of Christ means that:
A.Christ was born of a virgin B.God took of flesh C. Christ appeared on earth as a grown man
D. All of the above
2.) The purpose of the Incarnation was:
A. To show us what he looked like B. So we could hear his voice C. To reveal the essence of God D. So that Christ could condemn sinners 3.) God’s Omnipresence means that:

A. He is everywhere B. He is all-powerful C. He is all-knowing D. He is consistent
4.) Elohim means:
A. God is the mighty leader B. God it righteous C. God is almighty D. God cannot lie
5.) General Revelation contains all of the following except:
A. God’s Glory B. God’s omnipresence C. God’s intelligence D. God’s power
6.) Atheism is the belief that:
A. There are many Gods B. The existence of God cannot be proved C. Good and Evil are co-
equal and Co-Eternal D. There is no God
7.) Deism is the belief that:
A. God created the world, but left it to run on its own B. There are many Gods C. There is not God D. There is a God
8.) Theism is the belief:
A. That good and evil are co-eternal and co-equal B. That there is not God C. There is no God
D. In the existence of a God
9.) Pantheism is the belief that:
A. There is no God B. God is everything and everything is God C. there are many Gods
D. Go created the world, but left it to run on its own
10.) Christology is:
A. The study of giraffes B. The study of the person and works of Christ C. The study of the
Crucifixion D. The study or Mr. Rayder

Fill in the blanks with the correct choice:
11.) God is Omniscient means...
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