Christina and Pagan Elements in Beowulf

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  • Published : August 30, 2012
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The epic poem of Beowulf has many different Christian and pagan elements in it. An example of a pagan element would be the belief in Wyrd and an example of the Christian element would be the account of Creation. There are a few more statements about both the Christian and pagan elements such as religious beliefs/practices, the places God is mentioned and the different names of God in the text. Beowulf incorporates many Christian and pagan elements within the text. Wyrd was the pagan god for which stood for fate. The Danes were strong believers of fate, until Christianity started to take hold of the country and conversion started to set in. This poem was probably re-written by a Christian who added the subtle hints of God in this poem. The Danes believed that if a king died that their stuff should be saved with them; so when the king died in the beginning of the story, the people put all of his stuff on him and set them on a barge, which was made for him. There are a few places that have some sort of Biblical event mentioned. The first mentioned was Creation; Scyld, the Sheaf-Child was found on the beach (line 4 and 7). Adam was made from dirt, like on a beach in the beginning by God. The second Biblical event mentioned was Cain killing Abel (line 106). God is given many names in this epic poem. Here are a few: God (line 13), Lord of Glory (line 17), the Almighty (line 91), the Judge Eternal (line 107), their Maker (line 178), the righteous Judge and Ruler on High (line 179), the Weilder of Glory (line 180), the Warden of Heaven (line 181), The Lord (line 185) and The Father (line 186). All of these names give me the conclusion that these people loved the Lord our God and that they praised and glorified him. A big part of the poem where God is mentioned and glorified is in lines 91-97. “How the Almighty had made the earth/ Wonder-bright lands, washed by the ocean; / How He set triumphant, sun and moon/ To lighten all men that live on the earth./ He brightened the...
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