Christians and Secular Literature

Topics: Time, Thought, Term Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Jessica Cotton
ENGL 102
Discussion Board 1

After listening to and reading lessons 1-3, for why Christians need to read secular literature. The point that I agree the most is how electronic media, mainly television is not as valuable to learning as studying literature. In lesson 2 it states that when you watch television everything is done for you. You only tap into the emotional side of your brain and you lose your ability think logically, because you are living in the present and not thinking about the past or the future. People are becoming dependent on over using electronics. It’s making society lazier by the day. When it comes to actual hands on learning, we have to actually think for ourselves and form images so that we can comprehend. It goes in our long term memory as opposed to watching TV which goes to our short term memory. From personal experience it has always been easier for me to learn from reading and mirroring contact. When I was in grade school and we would watch a movie or program to learn about the current subject, I would completely zone out. My mind would wander and I would think about everything but what I was supposed to gain. Throughout the years as humans progressed, electronics have evolved. I agree that there is a time and a place for electronic usage. On the other hand, it’s also becoming more reliable so more tend to it. To sum everything up, society is becoming lazier by the day. If people will start to realize that they do have choices. We as people shouldn’t have to depend on extra assistance. Man has made his journey without for many years. Starting to do things on your own will allow logical thinking. People can start thinking on their own and make their own decisions. Keeping extras in their place will allow one to work on them. Response to Chester Patterson

I agree with you. The internet and TV have become our main source of information. I remember a couple of years ago; I read an article about students failing...
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