Christianity: a Story-Formed Community

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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➢ Christianity: a story-formed community
Like the rabbits in Watership Down, Christian communities are “story-formed communities” because Christians are people who have been and are being formed by the stories of the Scriptures that culminate in the story of Jesus

➢ Scripture: a community-formed text
The converse is also true: the Scriptures are “community formed texts.” The Scriptures were formed out of communal experiences of God that were “handed over” (traditio) from one generation to another. Tradition is the origin of the stories and other writings that eventually formed “The Books” (Ta Biblia) that are the Scriptures.

➢ The primary meaning of Scripture: Scripture reveals (primarily) via stories 1. Who is God and
2. Who we are as well as who are called to be in response to God

The Scriptures narrate the character of God and of a people who seek to be friends of this God. Theologically, Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the anointed one who most definitively and fully reveals God. Jesus is God become human. The story of Jesus is paradigmatic for Christian moral living. To be a Christian is to identify with the story of Jesus and with others who have done so.

➢ What are some challenges to using Scripture in moral reflection? 1. Christian ethics is not identical to biblical ethics.
The ethics expressed in Scripture differs from the faithful use of Scripture in ethical reflection. In other words, the ethical practices, rules, and norms as they were communicated to the original audiences for which the Scriptures were written are not entirely identical to those of faithful Christians who live today. Faithfulness to the Scriptures requires translating them so that they are brought to life in the present rather than frozen as a lifeless museum relic from the past. 2. There are a variety of voices and visions in the Scriptures. They can appear to...
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