Christianity vs Judaism

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Christianity and Judaism
The Christianity and Judaism religions are both based on a monotheism belief in one God. They both believe in one God because of the revelation to Abraham from God in the Hebrew Scriptures. The Christian belief is that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the savior, while the Jewish belief is that the Messiah or Savior is still to come. The Jewish believe that there are many other prophets just as important as Jesus such as Abraham and Moses. The Christians believe that out of all the prophets Jesus is the most important and the founder of Christianity. In addition the Christians believe in the trinity which includes Jesus the son God, the Holy Spirit and God.

The Christianity and Judaism religions both have important scriptures that are similar and different. The scriptures of the Jews is called the Torah, however the scriptures of the Christians is called the Bible. Both the torah and the bible contain the scriptures of the Old Testament. The bible contains an additional New Testament from which Christianity began from. Christianity also has the Creeds which is a prayer or paragraph which recites the basic belief of Christians. Both Judaism and Christianity follow the Ten Commandments that were given to the prophet

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Abraham from God. Both religions follow the Ten Commandments as part of their rules from God, but the Jews have more commandments and rules.
The Christianity and Judaism religions both have important people that they look up to. The Jews and Christians both believe in the prophets sent from God. The important prophets for both religions are Abraham who was the founder of Judaism and Moses a prophet who helped l the Jewish people out of slavery from Egypt. In addition the Jews believe in three more important people. These people are David the king of the Jews, Solomon the son of David, and Isaiah a prophet who wrote during the time of the Jewish events. The Christians believe...
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