Christianity vs Buddhism

Topics: Buddhism, Christianity, Religion Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Eder Armando Garcia
World Religions
Mr. Wayne Knight

Christianity V. Buddhism

The concept of God within Christianity differs depending on the angle one chooses to look upon it. The Trinitarian concept of god breaks it down into 3 separate parts all of which are acting in unison. The first part is God; the father in this form god is a loving father figure who acts like a loving parent who has his children’s best interest at heart. In the second part God, the son he is Jesus a son of god who was sent to our world to die for all of our sins. In the last form God is the Holy Spirit this is his final and current form currently on our planet keeping our planet in balance until Jesus returns to earth to call his people home. The three different forms of god are seen as godhead for three different persons within the same eternal being. Although similar in history the traditional form of god believed by most modern Christians is that of a loving all-knowing being who is without flaw. This tangible entity has existed for all of time and is the beginning, middle and end of all eternity. He is seen as a loving but jealous being that looks to cultivate a loving caring world having to step in and correct problems when they occur. This god is usually prayed directly too as many Christians strongly believe he is everywhere with them at all times and has his hand in everyday matters. The perfect entity is a conscience being that makes choices based on what is for the greater good residing in heaven a place that awaits Christian followers if they have accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. Buddhist has a different idea of God, in their world there is no creator God. Buddhist do not believe in a centric being that rules and governs the cosmos in accordance with the greater good. Instead they feel that a human being is responsible for their own actions and as such are also responsible for the continuation and safety of the universe. Buddhist practice meditation and...
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