Christianity Paradox

Topics: United States, Bible, Jesus Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: December 10, 2012
In the comparison of Christianity between the United States of America and the Republic of Poland, there are several discrepancies relating to the vast differences in population density 8and diversity. However, by setting the balancing scale aside, a conclusion is easily reached: the status of Christianity in the U.S. is not comparable to the status of Christianity in Poland. This is supported by many factors, with the three foremost being measures of religion, economy, and society. However, before we delve in, we need to clarify what exactly it is that measures one’s Christianity. Some say it is by strictly adhering to all the teachings of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, others may argue that it is based on how well the population is versed in the Bible. And yet there are those who will fervently swear that it is judged by church attendance. However, in all reality, is there really a way to accurately measure something as subjective as religious devotion? According to Bill McKibben, the answer is yes. He has devised a formula that can be used to determine a nation’s Christianity in his article entitled The Christian Paradox: How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong. Based on the opinions from the text, there are several main elements a nation must be graded by in order to be considered Christian. Using these categories, the judgement of the United States versus Poland will prove Poland to be a more Christian nation. The first three orders in McKibbens formula is the measure of a nations memorization of all Ten Commandments, prayer and church attendance, and knowledge of the contents of the bible. There are those who may argue in favor of the U.S. by stating the average household in the United States owns three Bibles, which therefore shows Christianity. Another argument could be that Americans are more Christian, as proven by citing a study that shows 75% of the population in America stated they had read the bible within the past 12 months, versus 38% of the...
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