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All Drink from the Same River
Roger Guevara
HIS 103
Deborah Duff
July 23, 2012

All Drink from the Same River
Religion provides its followers with a plan for a better life of prosperity, hope, and good health--How, exactly? (say so in same sentence). For some, it answers their prayers. Some of these (delete “of these”) religions are centered around the worship of idols, planets, animals, and spirits as their gods. Good. Various methods of worship in the form of religion have survived throughout history. Please recall to refrain from using “throughout history”—it is not accurate, or state from which periods until the present. The religion of the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews called Judaism, worshipped Yahweh, the one God during the Mesopotamia Era. “God” was not the only God during the Mesopotamian era. The Christian faith, which surfaced during the Roman Empire, announced the Son of Yahweh, Jesus Christ. Good. The religion of Islam introduced the prophet Mohammed who urged people to put their faith in Allah the creator, during the Islamic Civilization Era. I am not sure that it is accurate to say that “Islam introduced Muhammad,” but it is the other way around—Muhammad as the founder of Islam. Buddhism, the practice of faith that focuses on one to lead a balanced life with no suffering, became the religion of its people during the Mauryan Empire Era. In which country or countries? Even though all four of these religions were followed by individuals looking for answers to their prayers, freedom from captivity, deliverance from persecution, cures of diseases, and better prosperity; GOOD! But, no semi-colon there, just a comma they all had one thing in common. Use a “:” to say what that “one thing in common” is/was. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism presented a new form of worship from the polytheistic form that previously existed in these eras (tell the reader again which eras). This last sentence here is still...
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