Christian Worldview Response Paper

Topics: Christianity, Holy Spirit, God the Father Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: November 28, 2011
November 9, 2011
Christian Worldview Response Paper
Everyone is entitled to an opinion about why the world was created, who God is, and what was his purpose for us. In this article Budziszewski gives his opinion of the world, God, Christians, and creation. Many things that he talked about in this article I agree with. Everyone has questions about God and this article answered many of them. Everything is explained thoroughly and on a classical college level that is easy to read and quite enjoyable.

First, Budziszewski talks about God himself. A thing that I have come to know in my lifetime is that we are all images of God. To me this means that we are all apart of God and that no matter who we are he is in us. Also that we all have the same physical qualities two eyes, two ears, a nose, etc. But in this article I am informed that it doesn’t mean that at all. He dwells within us because of our spirit but he is not the same as us. Also God is all-knowing; I knew this but I did not know that good creates good but man creates bad. I found this very interesting.

The idea of God raises many questions. If we can imagine what God is like, what are we to think of Him. I figure He is like a mystical spirit that wants us to do right and places temptations in our lives to test our faith. That’s basically how this article described Him. God is the love is in us. He is the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

Next, Budziszewski talks about creation. After reading this section I took a new prospective on “creation”. I always looked at new commercials and would be astonished that they have created these new items. But, this section of the article explains, man really never creates anything God creates everything originally we as man only alters it to look different. This is so true. Take the snuggie for instance; it’s a backward robe, we’ve see a robe but to alter its imagine we all think that’s a new creation. This article explained to me that nothing can really be...
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