Christian Worldview

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“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give reason for the hope that you have.” 1 Peter 3:15, NKJV

The World According to Catherine

•Catherine’s Worldview

There is a universal absolute truth that can be known – God is the Ultimate reality. Life has meaning and purpose – death is not the end. History is purposeful and illustrates the movement toward the fulfillment of God’s plan for His creation. Human beings are created in the image of God – physical and spiritual beings who can know and relate to God. Everything that exists is a creation of God’s intelligent design.

•The Importance of Testing a Worldview
Samples (2007) states, “A person’s worldview is the prism through which one makes sense of life and death. Therefore it is critical to have a view that is genuinely clear and distinct” (p. 27). My worldview provides the basis for all of my decisions, thoughts, and actions. For this reason, I want to make sure that the prism I am using has no cracks or inconsistencies in it that will distort my vision. By applying three major tests, I will be able to determine the validity of my worldview and deepen my faith through truth.

•Three Major Tests
According to Cosgrove (2006), the following questions should be asked:

Test of Evidence
“Is your worldview in agreement with scientific and experiential observations? Does the worldview fit the world?” (p.66).

Test of Logical Consistency
“Does every belief in the worldview agree with every other belief in that worldview?” (p.67).

Test of Existential Repugnance
“Is it possible to live the worldview in the world – can it be lived in real life?” (p. 68).

Test of Evidence

biochemical design is completely different than any other species on Earth. •Human

mind is complex and capable of thought and reasoning.

beings have personality and character and the only species on Earth with linguistic abilities. •Human

beings are instilled with an intrinsic desire for truth, morality, purpose, and destiny. •Human •All

beings have free will and the ability to choose.

organisms are designed with a tendency toward selfpreservation. •Everything

in existence (mankind, animals, nature, the Universe) has intentional design, purpose, and order.

Test of Logical Consistency

beings have self-awareness, language, creativity, and the ability to communicate. •Each

human has a basic personality make-up of mind, will, feelings, emotions, and personal identity. •Everything

that has been created can be investigated and known because it is rational, ordered, and predictable. •There •There

are absolute moral laws reflecting the character and nature of God.

is unity of spiritual and physical worlds – a reality beyond the material world (the substance of which is beyond the comprehension of mankind). •.Human

beings are spiritually motivated and have an inherent need to believe in something greater than themselves. •Creation

reveals God’s character and nature.

Test of Existential Repugnance

proves deterioration of societal morals, values, and behavior when God is removed from the cultural equation. •Fulfillment

is experienced when actions and behavior reflect God’s nature and character. •Evidence

provided within the church by those who share likeminded worldviews that the worldview can be lived out in real life. •Above

all, I live my worldview in real life daily and experience spiritual growth, diminished self-centeredness, and expanding trust in Him on a continual basis.

•Reaction to the Results
For the first time in my life, I was able to see in black and white just how much God has done for me and the depth of healing that has occurred within my mind and soul. I have experienced a worldview without God. It is a life devoid of hope, trust, and love. I realized that I still have so much to learn, but I am convinced I am on the right...
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