Christian Worldview

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  • Published : July 1, 2011
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Christian Worldview
Rashad Streets
Liberty University
April 10, 2011

A worldview is how an individual looks at the world through their own lenses in determining how they see the things. A Christian worldview understands the nature of the world as well as the nature of humanity. According to Entwistle (2010), a Christian worldview should be encouraging to us in applying our abilities towards humane and Godly ends, and to not misuse powers in a direction towards sinful ends. We tend to think of worldviews favorably in answering questions about life and life's situations according to our most important situations. Question #1

Just like the Christian Worldview, scientific methods help us explain what is happening around us in our world. This idea usually works in relation to asking questions and followed by observing, performing experiments, and reporting. Scientific methods are techniques associated with phenomena's in exploring new ideas and knowledge. The steps in the scientific method consists of observation and description of a phenomena or a phenomena group, doing background research related to the subject, constructing a hypotheses, testing the hypotheses by doing an experiment, analyzing data and drawing a conclusion, and communicating results.

The scientific method always begins with a question related to what is being studied. How, when where, why, which, and what are usually common words in scientific method use. In order for the scientific method to answer the question it must be about something that you can measure, and should be in a numerical value. The background research aspect is important in determining the topic of concern or interest. This step should be thoroughly investigated so that the findings can be easily proven with the help of the research. Next, is predicting a hypotheses or possible answer to the problem or the question based off of the information gathered. The experiment stage follows in...
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