Christian View on Premarital Sex

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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God did create sex for two people to enjoy, but do you think he gave specific guidelines for us to follow in regards to this gift? It says in the bible, that there are specific rules we need to follow in regards to having sex. So let’s start at the very beginning, Genesis! When God creates something, He creates it with purpose and design. The Genesis account of creation makes it clear that God's creation is “good”. Sex is no different. God created sex, and therefore it is reasonable to expect that it is good, it’s amazing. But when we distort it by ignoring God's specific standards, it becomes harmful and destructive. So 'why save sex for marriage?’ It is really a question of understanding God's purpose and design for sex. We can choose to do things God's way, and experience the beauty of His plan, or we can choose to do things our way, and experience harm. When we have sex with someone, we are giving part of ourselves away. It says that we should save ourselves for one person only- your husband or wife. Our body is a temple and a part of God. Our bodies are extremely precious and are the handy-work of God. God loves you and has created you in His image- a privilege and something that you should be praising Him for. So if we are putting into it, what isn’t healthy, then we are not being obedient to God or honouring His place within our lives. One day there was a rich man who lived in a great mansion on top of a cliff. He had just bought a limo but he needed a driver. Long story short, three men applied from the job. They all had the same qualifications and he couldn’t decide on the man in regards to their resumes. So he set them a task. “The person who can park my limo closest to the edge of my cliff will get the job. The first man hopped in the car and drove to the edge of the cliff. He parked it with one meter to spare. He thought he was done and dusted! The second man drove the car out to the cliff and parked it with about 5cm to spare....
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