Christian Leadership Institute

Christian Church

  • School: Southview High School
  • Course: AP English Language and Composition
  • Professor: Mr. Wheeley
Hello, my name is Lacey Williams. I am with the parish of St. Michael in Portland, Maine. I am a sophomore and attend Southview High School, also in Portland. This is my last year in preparation for Confirmation and I would love to continue serving in the parish. I enjoy working with others, learning new things, and growing in my faith.

I am applying to CLI because I want to be a leader in my community. I have a desire to grow in my Catholic faith. I know CLI is a great opportunity to learn the leadership skills I need. I saw teenagers my age helping in our church and I said to myself, “I want to be part of that”. As a teenager, I want to help my peers grow in their faith and be a leader and voice for them. CLI

My faith plays a major and important role in my life. It helps me make the right decisions and choices. I enjoy spending time learning about my faith in different ways. I follow the morals the Catholic faith has given me, because I know I am a better person when I follow them and that makes me proud of who I am. In many ways, faith means pushing through the harder times and sometimes taking the more difficult route believing that it will be the better outcome for me. I have to have faith that what I do today will be healthy for me tomorrow.

My current involvement in leadership roles at St. Michael’s is helping in the RCIC program on Tuesday nights, helping the children understand our Catholic faith more fully. I also was an altar server for eight years and was a leader there, but now I am serving in the reader for mass ministry. I plan to be able to be a future leader in the reader ministry. At school, I am part of the VEO and Ambassador clubs. In VEO, we go to a nursing center in Mt. Angel and visit with the elderly. As an ambassador, I serve as a tour guide and hostess for student visitors and special events.

My current goal is to attend CLI as a step to become a leader in the Catholic Church. Then, I will serve in my parish in what...
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