Christian Ethics

Topics: Jesus, Ethics, Christianity Pages: 4 (913 words) Published: June 16, 2012
Peace and the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you forever. How are you doing in U.S.A? I hope you will be success full by the help of the almighty God who gave you his promise in the beginning of your first step and even before when you are in womb of your mother(Jerem-1:5) any how I thank God for all. Etana I meet Buzze and your lovely kids in Adiss at your home few weeks ago and I am very happy.

Now still I am in Finca’a but I do not know what will happen next time only God knows, all my family’s are in Naqamte and all are ok! Glory to God! Now Etana I need your help on same points that will be as follows. at these time starting before one year I am trying to do MBA from Foundation for Academic Excellence Ministry so, the stage I reached was on submitted of our proposal outline and its thesis topic and preliminary statement because of these I tried my best all but it needs shaping and more arrangement. The topics are already accepted but the proposal will be not yet because of these please would you help me by arranging the next tow topics before I submitted one of the tows by the next two weeks. I know that you are very bithy but for me it will be a very good aporchinty to get your guidance and assistance for feature work of myself or for farther study in this area. And I attached the topics and proposals. Thank you for your unreserved backing! I expect your replays after a week. God bless you!

Yours in Christian
Mesfin mekonnen

1st Topic: - Christian Ministry Ethics: Concepts, Challenges and Lessons (The case of EECMY-CS)

Thesis Statement:-Even though Christian Ministry Ethics is very unique from other ethics, the majority of ministers could not understand the concept, lessons and its Challenges .Especially ministers of EECMY- CS they face many problems regarding such issue .Therefore, I have to decided research on and found the right understanding of ministry ethics, in order to the solution of the problem...
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