Christian: Crisis & Trauma

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  • Published : February 1, 2014
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Ashley Meadows
Essay Question: Response
Liberty University – CRIS 605

Crisis counseling is an aspect of crisis resolution in which emphasis is placed on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral consequences within a particular crisis. Psychotherapy is a tool that uses a helping process in order to change a person’s feelings as well as patterns of thought and behaviors. This can take place over short, brief periods or long term if determined is necessary. Both utilize concepts in order to help those in need; however, each takes a different approach as seen above (Hoff, 2009). According to Segun, psychotherapy can only be carried out by a trained professional and allows patients to gain control over their feelings, especially when viewing their mental state (Segun, 2013, p. 122). Crisis counseling strategies can range from establishing a helpful friendship, ensuring the safety of an individual, giving support, and ensuring that an assessment is successfully completed. Once an assessment is completed it is the responsibility of the professional to assist with actions plans and continually follow up with their patient. Unlike psychotherapy, crisis counseling takes more of an in depth, well-rounded approach to helping an individual cope with a crisis and finding what works the best with them. A professional does not give up until an approach is reached with that individual (Hoff, 2009; Rosen, 2010; Segun, 2013).

An example of this was reviewed during a case study of a police department’s crisis response team. A female called 911 screaming that her mother had just shot herself in her living room. When the police arrived, there was no answer at the door. Dispatch contacts the home and the female admits she cannot leave her room due to fear. The crisis team is brought in to assist the female. Once arriving on the scene, the crisis response team spends an hour counseling the young female. They assist the female with...
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