Christian Citizen

Topics: God, Government, Spirituality Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: January 1, 2013
What does it mean to be a christian citizen?? Every Christian, no matter what form of government he lives under, is under command from the lord t maintain proper and useful submission to that government for the sake of leading a peaceful life. And having an effective witness. The mission of the church is not to change society. Even though that is often a good way of faithful ministry and living. To worship and serve the lord and to bring others to saving faith in him. The basic command for Christians is very simple that Christianity and good citizenship should go together. And, as Paul explains, subjection to the governing authorities includes much more than simply obeying civil laws. It also includes honor and respect for government officials, as God's agents for maintaining order and justice in human society. Believers are to be model citizens, known as law abiding. We are supposed to be obedient rather than rebellious, respectful of government rather than demeaning of it. We belong to a godly society, doing good and living peaceably within an ungodly society, manifesting our transformed lives so that the saving power of God is clearly seen. Paul teaches that the Christian has to willingly place himself/herself under all governing authorities, whoever they may be. He gives no qualifications of conditions. Every civil law is to be give to people who want to be christian citizens. There is only one limitation to the believers obligation under the lord to willing and complete submission to civil authority. Any law or command that would require disobedience to God's word. Regardless of the failures of the government, many of them are immoral,unjust, and ungodly. Christians are to pray and live peaceful lives that influence the world by godly,selfless living, not by protests, sit-ins, and marches, much less by rebellion. Paul said that there is no civil authority, except from God. No matter what it takes, no human government at any time in...
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