Christchurch Bay

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  • Published : January 29, 2011
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Time Line of Christchurch Bay

1366- there was a severe erosion at Highcliffe.
1587- Richard Popinjay’s produced a sketch map of Isle of Wight. 1587- Dorset and Hampshire defences were set up.
1595- John Norden created a map of Hampshire, showing the village of Hordwell 1654- Old data of the previous data were seen by Burton
1695- Robert Morden modified the map created by John Norden 1703- on the 24th of November, a very severe storm known as the Daniel Defoe’s storm appeared, producing some changes in the Solent coastline. 1757- an erosion of Fossiliferous Cliffs took place.

1759- Isaac Taylor produced a map
1760- there was a major loss of land in the Highcliffe.
1785- the admiralty chart of Lt. Murdock Mackenzie was discussed. 1784- There was a battle of Mudeford
1791- Thomas Milne created a map of Hampshire.
1810- A map of Barton and Highcliffe was produced, showing the Barton court at an inland position. 1818- There was a storm called the Surge, on the 4th and 5th of November, in the eastern parts of Solent. 1826- Greenwood’s map was produced.

1840- In the month of November, a hurricane was recorded that breached Hurst Spit. 1850- A new map of Barton was produced, this included the Coastguard Station. 1856- The original Highcliffe Castle and the Marchioness of Waterford’s Sea Defences. 1867-1982- There was a coastal recession on Millford-on-Sea and Hurst Spit. 1890- The Barton estates were sold and both farms cut up.

1897- On the 3rd of March, there was a storm recorded in Solent. 1911- In November, ther was a breakthrough of the Run southeast of Gundimore. 1913- Two and a half years after the opening in 1911, the end of the spit was a quarter of a mile further east.

1914- There was a coastal recession in the Highcliffe.
1914-1918- There were Indian huts in Barton.
1920-1930- There were Bungalow Development in Barton.
1929- An erosion took place on Mudeford Spit.
1930- Highcliffe to Mudeford.
1936- Barton court area.
1939-1645- Second...
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