Christ in the Community

Topics: Christianity, Person, Prayer Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: May 16, 2012
Two steps Christians could take to help the church reflect Christ better within their community/culture is we can do more outreach in the community, and also build personal relationships within the community. We as a church can do more to reach out in our community. Outreach in the community can look like a simple barbecue at a local park inviting more than just the members of the church. Going out into the surrounding neighborhoods to pass out flyers for this event can be beneficial. Another thing that can be done is Prayer walks. What prayer walks look like is a team of Christians that go out into the community and pray for people that they encounter. In this way this is building relationships with them and it is showing the love of Christ because you are caring about their needs. Elmer Towns states in Core Christianity that People need face to face encounters with each other that will hold them accountable to their shared faith. This statement is very crucial to the second step Building personal Relationships in the community because no matter how much outreach that is being done if you do not continue to personally build up relationships with these individuals there is nothing for them to grasp hold to; you are nothing more than another face they have seen. Building Relationships looks like prayer for the person, calling them, visiting them, where they stand in need provide it if possible, and invite them to your home for dinner. That is one of the most impactful expressions because you are not just associating with them on the streets you are inviting them into your personal and private space. This is important because now you are building trust. In closing Towns states Christianity is seen in the church- the body of Christ and in that being said it is found in us, the church and that begins outside the four walls because some may never step foot into a brick and mortar, but that is why we are the hands and feet of Jesus and we need to take him out there and...
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