Christ in Majesty

Topics: Fresco, Romanesque architecture, Jesus Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Christ in Majesty

Christ in Majesty is one of the world masterpieces wall painting art during Romanesque period. It is a part of the large painting decorated the inside wall of apse at San Climent church, located in Barcelona, Spain. An unknown artist painted it in 1123 CE by using fresco technique (a painting with mixed color and wet plaster on a wall) to create this painting to make it stays lasting. This painting represents Jesus Christ as a ruler of the universe and tries to show his majesty. It may be used in the term of propaganda; for make people to believe in religion and power of Jesus Christ. According to its ages some parts of the painting were destroyed.

By observing the Christ in Majesty fresco. Most of the forms are round and curvy to make it looks more smooth, calm and grand. The huge flat oval shape in the center at the back of the Christ figure could be a bench, its may represents the sun god, oval is a shape of egg which is a symbol of giving birth or life and it also relates to the idea that Jesus Christ brings people together. Around the oval shape there is a border with Romanesque style decoration and an arch lay across the lower part of the oval shape. Christ figure is carefully painted in the center of wall painting. The artist made Christ figure a bit overlaps the oval shape and made his feet rest on semicircle, which symbolize the earth. The Christ figure’s face is oval shape, painted in illustration style (look more like animation than realistic) and framed his face with his long hair. His eyes look serious, seem like he’s staring at us. The halo around his head shows his genius, powerful, and tells that he relates to god. His right hand rises in blessing, while his left hand holds a book with Latin “ego sum lux mundi” which means, “I am the light od the world”. The figure is sitting on the arch. The Christ wears a robe with a big shawl. On the robe there are repetition of small circles, which create a pattern of textile. At the...
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