Chris Tucker

Topics: African American, Black people, Haiti Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Christie Salinas
English 1300/ Responses 2
Lara Perez
October 20, 2010
“The Life of a Comedian”
The entertainment industry seems to be stuck on peoples image, and fame. The movie industry stereotype’s people by there expressions and looks. You must be successful in order to make it in the entertainment industry. In the article “The life of a Comedian” written by Chris Tucker, discusses about Tuckers childhood growing up, his trip to Africa, his strong desire to make a difference, and what made him a good role model.

Chris Tucker was raised as a spiritual person, who came from a family of six. His mother raised him as a spiritual person. He would sit in a movie theater and be amazed. He always dreamed of becoming a comedian. He would always try and act out roles he saw from a black movie. Tucker worked in California for his fathers cleaning company. He stayed there for years, until he went to L.A. and started doing comedy, and succeeded from it. Tucker took a trip to Ethiopia and Uganda, the home of ancient history, a spiritual ground beyond perfection. African Americans have the highest rate of poverty and AIDS. When he arrived he traveled everywhere, he went to people’s homes, hospitals were kids were left behind from parents dyeing from Aids. There were a lot of sad things he came across. But one thing he learned was to cherish live. Tucker saw the difference from African Americans and Americans. Americans focused on materialistic things and they had no clue what that was. There way of seeing life was much more different and sad.

Tuckers goal is for people not to forget about the heroes who made a difference. For example Martin Luther King, and Fredrick Douglas. These men achieved their goal as well. They stopped slavery and racism form expanding any further. Tuckers feel that theres more stories they should tell about black people. Because of the black history industry, they have that opportunity to be actors and comedians in the movie...
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