Chris Andersen

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  • Published : March 17, 2011
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Chris "Birdman" Andersen
Chris "Birdman" Andersen was born to Linda and Claus Andersen on July 7th, 1978 in Southern California. His family lived there for a while and then moved to Texas. His parents were divorced in 1986. His mom was a single parent with three children. In 1989 she was so stressed out that she sent the two older children, April and Chris, to live with their father in Irving, Texas. In early 1990 Claus left April and Chris at the Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home in Denton, Texas. When Linda found out she began taking the steps required to bring Chris home.

Chris was at Cumberland from 5th to 8th grade. While there he attended public school just like any other kid living in Denton. He went to Borman Elementary School for a year and a half. For seventh and eighth grade he went to Calhoun Middle School. At Cumberland he shared a room with Joe Corona. "He was a good person to be around," Corona said. "He could make you laugh." Staff at Cumberland also said Chris was fun to be around. In June of 1993 Linda had completed everything needed to take Chris home with her to Iola, Texas.

When Chris moved back home with his mom he was enrolled at Iola High School. He was instantly liked because of his easy going manner. He played basketball for the Iola Bulldogs. They were a Class 2A school during his last two years there. "He'd keep practices real light," said Iola's basketball coach then, Rob Stewart. "I'd get on him, and he'd give me the goofy smile." As a junior Chris averaged a triple double. This did not get him much attention. His coach mailed out copies of his box score after his first game of his senior year. He received a lot of replies. The field of interested colleges was greatly reduced because of his grades. Because of this Chris chose to go to Blinn College where he played for Coach Joe Curl. Coach Curl left and things did not go well with the new coach. Chris ended up quitting basketball before...
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