Chracter Bilding

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Life is shame without character

Don’t play game without character

Task, Act, Deed, Fact, Goal and Step

Don’t leave frame without character

Character gives life, builds life

None gets name without character

Praiseworthy, honorable president and respected audience!

My today’s massage is about character building simply called moral fiber of life. As I mentioned earlier in my poem that no one can get a bit of glory with characterless life. This is character which lightens up one’s life and leads him or her to real accomplishment.

Dear Sir!

It’s a famous quote,

When wealth is lost nothing is lost

When health is lost something is lost

And when character is lost everything is lost

Dear Fellows!

Respected President!

A life without character is a junk of bullshit. Character building is always the very essence of nation’s education but unfortunately we often don’t see a bit of proper guideline on character building in our education system, syllabus and teachers behaviors.

Here is the question mark

Should we be satisfied with our materialistic and so called white collar goals in our lives? Is this a way of character building of education lords?


We shouldn’t be ever!

May be some of my fellows are making a plan to become a rich man buy joining the so called applied fields for obtaining more beautiful and luxurious life. This thought cannot be called a character. At least I am not agreed with.

Respected Sir!

With due apology I would like to say because I am entitled to say that doctors, engineers, advocates, officers, educators, anchormen and all those successful people who apparently touched the sky of progress and success are mostly materialistic by their spirits. That’s why they end up frustration. That’s why their lives stop at some specific point. That’s why they fail to achieve the true happy life. They forget that there is always a room at the top and they shouldn’t stop their race towards the...
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