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Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Business process modeling, Information systems Pages: 30 (8865 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Systems Analysis and Design
Ninth Edition
End of Chapter Solutions
Chapter one

Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design


Introductory note: The SCR case study provides a valuable real-world experience for students. The case involves an imaginary IT consulting firm that maintains a realistic Web site, complete with a company intranet that students can access. The student becomes an entry-level systems analyst reporting to a supervisor named Jesse Baker. In each session, the student receives e-mail messages, voice mail messages, and a list of tasks to perform. The voice mail all comes from Jesse Baker, and the e-mail messages come from Jesse Baker and other members of the firm. Each message contains guidance and direction that would be typical of a real-life situation. After reading the e-mail, listening to the voice messages, and consulting the task list, the rest is up to the student. He or she must go back to the chapter, review the terms, concepts, and skills, and then apply them in the context of the case study. Four main tasks occur in each session. A typical task might require the student to prepare an e-mail message, a memo, Internet research, or a graphic element such as a chart or diagram. The task list for Session 1 follows.

1. Investigate SCR’s Internet site and learn about the company’s history, purpose, and values. Send Jesse a brief memo with suggestions to expand or improve these sections. The SCR Web site includes realistic features, content, and links that allow students to learn about the company and its background. Encourage students to find examples of other IT consulting firms and compare them to the SCR site. This task could tie into Assignment 4, which requires Web research to find other firms. It would be helpful to get students interested in the SCR site’s design and navigation features before they start working on the case itself. Students with a background in Web design probably will have suggestions and comments to share with the class.

2. On the SCR intranet, visit the data, forms, and resource libraries and review a sample of the information in each library. This task provides an overview of the site and will give students a valuable introduction to the case study. If you have not done so already, this would be a good time to explain the main features of the case study, which include the SCR intranet, personalized e-mail messages, the reference libraries, and the task list for each session.

3. Using the SCR functions and organization listed in the data library, create an organization chart using Microsoft Word, Visio, or a drawing program.
Students can use the list of SCR functions and organization (Document 1-2 from the data library) to create an organization chart. A sample chart follows:

4. Jesse says that SCR has plenty of competition in the IT consulting field. Get on the Internet and find three other IT consulting firms. She wants a brief description of each firm and the services it offers.

Students should have little difficulty locating IT consulting firms. This would be a good topic for student reports, and for actual visits to the online sites if computer resources are available in the classroom. You might ask students to critique each site on the basis of useful information content, organization, and aesthetics.


Review Questions
1. What is information technology, and why is it important to a business? Information technology (IT) is a combination of hardware and software products and services that companies use to manage, access, communicate, and share information. More than ever, business success depends on information technology. According to a Department of Commerce report, the IT industry has created a new economy, where advances in hardware, software, and...
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