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Choral Speking

By | Feb. 2011
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gHye-hye (2x - single)
Last week I went to Chinese wedding (single)
Wow!!! (all)
what interesting about chinese wedding? (single)
Its about the colour (single)
Red!!! (all)
Yes! So bright, but the color red plays a vital role in the wedding festivities of the Chinese people. (single) It’s a bold and lucky color. (single)
The colour signifies love, prosperity and happiness. (all)
Red, red, red, red (all)
Wedding invitations, gift envelopes and the bride`s wedding dress. (all) The couple will need to serve tea to both parents and family and guests. (all) They will be presented with jewelry and money placed in red envelopes. (all) Wow!!

Let`s tlk about Malay wedding (single)
Ohh its so different with Malay wedding, (all)
Malay wedding full of tradition. (single)
Malay wedding is fascinating and steeped in age-old tradition. (all) A Malay wedding begins with the akad nikah ceremony.(single) The groom signs the marriage contract and agrees to provide the bride with a mas kahwin. (all)

After that, their hands are dyed with henna during the berinai besar ceremony. ()

The bride's hair is also trimmed or her eyebrows shaped by a beautician known as the mak andam. (single)

wow!! Ofcoz she will be more beautiful. (all).
Sometimes, the pencak silat or the traditional Malay sword dance is performed. (single) Each guest will receive a bunga telur, which means 'flower' and 'egg' (all) For what?? (single)
It`s a symbol of a fertile union. (all)
Wow!!!! (all)
Its so many tradition in Malay wedding.(all)
Its so many culture, (all)
Its so many race, (all)
Its Malaysia, (all)
We love Malaysia,(all)
We love stay in Malaysia, (all)
One Malaysia, (all)
We love you Malaysia !! (all)

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