Choral Speaking

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Good morning
Honourable judges, teachers and fellow friends.
Today ! We are proud to bring you to the world of...Hostel Life! Do you know what is a hostel exactly ?
Hostel is a welfare home...
What ? Welfare home ?
Hostel is a place for a chosen people like us...
You know hostel life seems very amazing.
First ! We will meet
F . R . I . E . N . D . S
There are many types of people here, such as
thin, fat, tall, short, cute, pretty and the most peculiar is...the nerd ! Any nerds here ?
If we have a huge problem
Our beloved family and parents will try to solve it the hostel we depends on our friends....
Excuse me ! Who will look after all those students in the hostel ? Oo...Our beloved mama and abi
Because they are our wardens...
We were scared when we first meet them....
Uu...Why scared ?
Ish... ish... ish... ish...
The wardens are very nice, kind, helpful, polite and
responsible person.
But ! If we do not obey the rules and diciplines
O..o..all hell will break loose !
The duty of the warden is to teach and guide the students
anytime and anywhere.
Wardens are our foster parents
So ! Don't you ever, ever, forever, ever, forever, ever forget to thank them for their guidance.
Tik, tok, tik, tok, Kringgggggg....
Wake up ! Wake up ! It's already 5.30 am
Today is school day
You need to take your bath.
Hurry up ! Take turns to shower or go to the loo..
You might be late..
Huargh...We are really sleepy...
We want to sleep some more
Don't disturb me...please...
Hey ! Are you out of mind ?
We need to hurry
It's 6.00 am...It's time for subuh prayer...
If you are late...Watch out...
You will get a wack from abi
Do you know something ?
What ? In the hostel there are many ghost stories....
Hee...hee....heee ( bunyi hantu mengilai )
Everybody in the hostel say
Aaaaa....Help ! Help ! Run ! run !
Hey !...
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