Choosing a Right Major to Create My Future

Topics: Time, University, Future Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: December 2, 2010
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Rupeng Yang

Choosing a right major to create my future
Undergraduates have the higher educational level than high school student, but have the lower educational level than graduates. The time we spend in college is the most important time in our lives. During this period of time, we have been changing ourselves a lot. Because we get more information from our professors and our schoolmates to make us to become “critically thinking adults”(P85). We do not want to dependent on our family very much. We are trying to think about our future independently. We want to be more independent. So we obtain a lot of information from outside world, ignoring the information is good or bad. The most important thing we are thinking about is our majors. We are lack of experiences how to make a right choice on our majors. We do not know what we can do in our future. Now we are suffering from selecting majors. We really need to get help from professors or tutors in our college. Last semester was my first semester in baruch college. When I met new classmates or new professors, the most question to me is what my major is. My answer was always I do not decide or I do not know. Many freshmen have the same situations as me, even some second year students. Why do not we choose majors? We

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want, but we do not know what we can choose. In baruch, the first two years classes have not any relationship with our majors. We have few chances to get information about majors from our classes. Because we are always busy with studying. Some students have part time jobs. They need to focus on not only their study, but also their jobs. Because they need to make money to support their education. They have little chance to know about their majors. Why do we want to attend to college? Because we want to know about our world well and obtain more knowledge to know what we are able to do or what we are interested in doing in the future. I know we have advisers in baruch. But that is not...
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