Choosing a Global Supplier

Topics: International trade, Coffee, Coffea arabica Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: June 21, 2012
Choosing a Global Supplier
Tim’s Coffee Shoppe
Kaplan University

In order to run the business successful for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe, Tim needs a consistent and reliable supply of coffee beans. The candidate for the supplier of coffee bean is Colombia. This paper will analyze the economic advantage dealing with Colombia, and market advantage on revealing the source of coffee beans.

Economic Advantage
There is significant economical advantage when dealing with Colombia. The United States – Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, or so called Colombia Free Trade Agreement was passed on October 12, 2011 (“United States”,2012). This means that many of the items both importing and exporting will be duty free. Coffee is included in this case, therefore coffee importing is tariff-free reducing the cost to import for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe.

Marketing Advantage
There will be a marketing advantage by divulging the source of coffee beans. Colombia is well known country for high quality coffee. Colombia typically produces about 1/10th, or more, of the world’s coffee, and ranks third in production of coffee beans (“Coffee Countries”, n.d.). With just having the coffee beans divulged in Tim’s Coffee Shop will bringing customers by showing that Tim use a high quality Arabica Coffee imported from Colombia, and the customers will feel valued tasting the good quality coffee. References

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