Choosing a Career

Topics: Employment, Interview, Working time Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: December 17, 2011
Choosing a career
It is very important for us to make the right choice of profession and the most difficult thing is to plan one’s own future. But a person may suppose what he of she would like to do in the near future. It’s always very interesting to begin something new and if the beginning is good, the end may also be good. If we think of such a problem as “choosing a profession” or “place of work”, we must know everything about this or that profession or company. In most parts of the world when you apply for a job it’s common to submit a typed or laser printed biography. This contains all the unchanging information about you: your education, background and work experience. This usually accompanies a letter of application and supplementary information sheet containing information relevant to this particular job may also be required. Many companies expect all your personal information to be entered on a standard application form. There are different kinds of interviews: traditional one-to-one interviews, panel int. Where candidates are interviewed by a panel of enterviewers and even “deep-end int.” where applicants have to demonstrate how they can cope with actual business situations. The atmosphere of an int. may vary from the informal to the formal and interviewers may take a friendly, neutral or even hostile approach. The only rules that applicants should be aware of may be “expect the unexpected” and “be yourself”. Progress interviews are int. where employees have a chance to review the work they are doing and to set objectives for the future. The salary that goes with a job may be only part of the package of extra benefits such as company car, bonuses paid in a “thirteenth month”, company pension schemes, free canteen meals, long holidays or flexible working hours. Choosing a career (job)

First things first
First of all, make sure you know enough about the organization, the job, and the details of each...
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