Choosing a Career

Topics: Positive psychology, Person, Decision making software Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Choosing a Career
Good morning, my teacher and school friends. I would to express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to speak to you today. The topic that I would like to draw your attention to is choosing a career. Choosing a career is indeed a major decision in a person’s life. We strive hard to excel at school so that we can be assured of a place at a university to pursue further education in our chosen discipline. This in turn leads us to employment in the relevant industry. Therefore it is imperative that we make the right career choice as this will determine our future security and happiness. In choosing a career, there are a few factors that I would take into consideration. The first factor is that the career must be related to the field that I am interested in, not solely based on prestige or monetary rewards. A wise man once said that when you are doing work that you enjoy, you will not consider it a job. Therefore, I will choose a career that makes me work with passion every day. A person who is forced to do a job that he or she does not enjoy will quickly lose interest in his or her work. Therefore, the career that I choose must be fulfilling. It must allow me to express my creativity and individuality. The environment must be conducive and the job must suit my personality. The next factor is that the job must allow me to progress. It must have a career path that can motivate me to stay with the company. The industry must also be one that is thriving so that it can provide challenges and opportunities for advancement. The work that I do must also benefit other people in terms of education, management and training. These are areas where I can help to develop the potential of others and bring out their best. Upon retirement I would like to look back and be satisfied that I have made a positive impact on the people around me. In conclusion, everyone should choose a career path that they will find challenging and rewarding. Before embarking on a...
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