Choosing My Major

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  • Published : December 5, 2003
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Upon receiving the assignment to describe the event that made me choose my profession, a smile spread across my face. I have recently changed my major from business management to accounting. Sincerely, it is quite amusing that I choose to study accounting since I have never been good in mathematics and frankly, I had never liked it much. This is exactly the reason that I did not choose to study accounting initially. I wondered how my friend Ben, who is a certified public accountant (CPA), can practice this profession because I thought it to be boring. During my second semester in SFSU I took an accounting class with Mr. Frankel. I had expected the class to be dull and relied on Ben to help me with my assignments. When I attended the first session, the entertaining Mr. Frankel made sure to shatter the negative approach that I had developed towards the subject. He also pointed out that the majority will find the subject to be boring while the others will fall in love with it. I believe that I fell in the margin of those who fell in love with it. Shortly afterwards I spoke to Mr. Frankel and asked for his opinion on my thoughts of changing my major to accounting. His response was positive and he gave me a few suggestions in regard to my future as an accountant. I also consulted with my father and my friend Ben who strongly recommended me to do so. I enjoyed my accounting home work above all the other classes. The possibility to see an immediate result coming out of my effort stimulated me to solve more exercises than I was asked for. Accounting made sense to me. It is also known that finding a job in this field is easier that in any other, even in the current economy
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